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If you're looking to donate your furniture or items, look no further, join our e' decor rewards program and maximize your donation.

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Betty Slebi, who is the founder and principal of e' decor solution, is a self-taught eco-artist who enjoys learning and applying new painting techniques. At a very young age she learned from her father, how to create and restore a large variety of furniture. In time she has taken these skills to another level by adding her own designs and materials.

She had the idea of mixing opposites in between pieces, balancing colors, shapes, and fabrics. Turning old into new, or reused and giving things a different look, therein something useless into once again functional.

About The Founder and CEO

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Creating a positive impact by using 100% recycled materials to preserve ecology.

          Our history began during the 80's 

When we first arrived to the US

Riverview, FL, USA

Being immigrants with few economic resources, there was the need to survive with what we had.

Our family has a long history and one to one contact with art and handcraft. The use of all this knowledge together with articles and furniture that were given to us ended up in the transformation of great material which gave us the house of our dreams.

Our friends began to ask how we managed to have such a great house with few resources, and after hearing our story and being amazed by it, one by one they began to ask for our help in the redecoration of their furniture and homes. This is how our business began 28 years ago, with few resources and a big dream.

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Our rewards program works in the following manner; we accept your donated furniture, items, household goods, etc and evaluate its condition and/or value, and reward you accordingly with points which you will accumulate to use exclusively for e' decor services or online store.

We will gladly pick up your donation, however, if you drop off your donation to our central location, you will earn additional reward points. Once we determine the value of your donation, you will receive a certificate with your accumulated reward points.The more you donate the more points you will receive. When your ready to use our services, simply cash in your points as credits towards your full purchase. It's that simple!!!

The new way to reuse 

  • Real estate services
  • Project Manager
  • Remodeling
  • Home repairs and finishes
  • Second home services
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Furniture Repair
  • New and old furniture painted with new trends and styles
  • DYI classes of new and trendy styles in furniture (for classes information contact:

So please don't wait any longer. Come and join our e'decor rewards program and let's all make a difference.

We will sell some of the items in our online store for a very affordable rate, or we will donate it to families in need of furniture and other household goods.

Our intentions and goals here at e'decor solution is to bring awareness and educate the word on recycling and re-using items and materials in order to conserve our natural environment.

E' Decor Solution is a one-stop-shop for help in obtaining and maintaining your dream home. We offer help with buying your new home as well as redesigning, minor maintenance repair jobs and more to keep your home in the same condition as when you bought it.

We are not just a name, here at e' decor solution, we strive to give your home and/or office a designer look, all while creating a positive impact by using 100% recycled materials to preserved ecology.

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